For the love of Ganja & The Orgasm! I’ve conceptualized & developed a new adult novelty item!

After being a long time advocate of maintaining a healthy sex life, open communication, the love & prosperity of Cannabis and it’s culture, I decided it’s time to combine my two favorite things. Sex+Weed= Ganja Vibes…for your pleasure!

The Mary Jane Vibrator® is my first product in a series of upcoming goodies I have in store for all of the fun, massage loving good people out there in indulgence land.

So please, puff the magic dragon, come along with me, take a load off or blow a load if you’re in the mood!



~One Love

Heather B

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9 thoughts on “You don’t have to partake in Ganja to love the Vibes

  1. Hey Heather! Kiefer from the W.E.E.D. in Studio City. Found it! ; ) Looks lovely! Definitely diggin the positive vibes here! I would love to contribute some interesting stuff to your blog that I think you (& whomever else is viewing the page) would enjoy. Nice seeing you again! Stop by soon! I work weekends 😉


    1. Hey Kiefer, thanks for the love. I’ll be stopping by the W.E.E.D. soon to come see ya!

      Hi PoetColette, You are so badass! Thanks for all of the support! If all goes well…this spring we should be full force. I want to say sooner, but nothing ever goes as planned with manufacturing. Combining our two favorite things, an old friend who works for Nasa is our designer for the MJV. Sex and ganja never went together so well! SOON! Alongside our baby, Mary Jane Vibrator, our new website is in the works, a store to provide accessories and necessary accompaniments. CAN NOT WAIT!


    1. Thanks Darren! Stay tuned, haven’t even begun to get busy with it. Did you make it back to NYC and is everything ok in your neck of the woods? I hope so! When will you be back in Vegas?



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