OUTLAW Bullshit!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved Roseanne. Her television show depicted a real American family and the struggles we all face. No matter the sums of money in the bank or the “class” society wants to put any of us in, “Roseanne” was something we all can relate to. Admit it or not.

These days Roseanne is still a lone voice of reality and reason for the people. She’s on the ground with us, she’s hilarious and who better to represent the voice of the people than the Domestic Goddess herself.

So, FORGET you selfish idiots, moral cowards, greedy incompetents and sexual degenerates! Welcome a new day…

Welcome to the Church of Common Sense.

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Become a part of the movement!

Here lies an article so lovingly published on TMZ:

Already a (Bong) Hit with Weed Advocacy Group

Roseanne Barr’s soon-to-be failed run for President just got a little pick me up — thanks to the biggest pro marijuana group around, which just announced its support for the comic-turned-politician.

The Executive Director of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) — a guy named Allen St. Pierre — tells TMZ, the group supports any candidate “who will adopt a pro-cannabis law reform plank as part of their political platform” … especially Roseanne.

St. Pierre adds, “NORML welcomes Roseanne’s public support for ending a failed 74-year-old Cannabis Prohibition.”

As we previously reported, Barr announced her intention to seek the highest office in the land and will go after the Green Party’s nomination, campaigning to legalize marijuana.

Roseanne has a long history of being pro pot — her classic sitcom even did an episode on the subject in the mid 90s. Roseanne also lives in two states (Hawaii and California) with progressive marijuana laws. Probably not a coincidence.

Let me be clear here, although this blog has to do with sex, the purpose of it is education. This is a place for people to use their minds, while enjoying entertainment and soon, find the amazing sexual simulators designed by Ganja Vibes to help keep those sexual degenerates in their rightful place – controlling the obscene, regulating disease, relieving themselves in the safety and privacy of their own personal space.

Love her as a comedian, love her as a freedom fighter, love her work as an actress and would LOVE HER AS PRESIDENT.