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Eye Candy: 23 Hot Footballers at the FIFA World Cup #Brasil2014

Eye Candy: 23 Hot Footballers at the FIFA World Cup #Brasil2014

The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is pretty much in full swing! And even though we ladies claim that football is dominated by male fan(atic)s, we always look forward to seeing some good looking men passing the ball around a field for 90minutes – I only watch football to pick a Crush-Of-The-Moment.

As luck would have it, some of the sexiest men on the planet can be found in the 32 teams taking part in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. These players have proved that they are not just good at football – but they look mighty hot in the shorts too.

We have gone through the SWEET pain of assembling our own 360nobs Hottest 23 man list for the World-cup and of course like all other coaches, I may have made a few omissions or a few surprise inclusions but I guess I am the Coach of the 360nobs FIFA World Cup Hotties.

The selections were done just like how coaches pick their team; picking the bestsexiest each position has to offer – in support of all things football:

in the GOALKEEPING position




And we’ve shared the love. You’re welcome.

So Ladies… if we can’t appreciate the beautiful game, let US at least enjoy the EYE CANDY, Brazil 2014 has to offer.

It really was a tricky job narrowing it all down to just 23. So here are our final 23-man list participating in this year’s FIFA World Cup who are definitely HOT!

Let us know who would have made your OWN 23 man-list … and ladies David Beckham doesn’t play soccer any longer :(

In related news Go NIGERIA SUPER EAGLES!!!


Click on any of the thumbnails to open the full gallery to the gorgeous photos of these HOT men.

360nobs Hotties – Final World Cup Brasil2014 23-man List


Tim Howard – USA – Goalkeeper
Iker Casillas – Spain – Goalkeeper
Sergio Romero – Argentina – Goalkeeper


Patrice Evra – France – Defender
Mats Hummels – Germany – Defender
Sergio Ramos – Spain – Defender
Gerard Pique – Spain – Defender
Atsuto Uchida – Japan – Defender
Liassine Cadamuro – Algeria – Defender
Glen Johnson – England – Defender


John Mikel Obi – Nigeria – Midfielder
Andrea Pirlo – Italy – Midfielder
Kevin-Prince Boateng – Ghana – Midfielder
Ezequiel Lavezzi – Argentina – Winger
Adam Lallana – England – Midfield
James Troisi – Australia – Midfield
Antonio Valencia – Ecuador – Winger


Neymar – Brazil – Striker
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal – Striker
Didier Drogba – Ivory Coast – Striker
Robin Van Persie – Holland – Striker
Alexi Sanchez – Chile – Striker
Sergio Aguero – Argentina – Striker

Why Do So Many Men Put Sex Before A Relationship?

Why is it that so many gay men put such a strong emphasis on sex before really getting to know a person?

While it’s flattering to have a man have such strong physical desires to be with you in an intimate manner, I’m not sure it’s good to put such an emphasis on sex before really getting to know a person. Intimacy is something that takes time to develop, yet we rush ourselves into this stage by trying to bypass other necessary steps like the building of interdependence between each other, the development of trust, the goal of full disclosure, etc. There’s no rule book which states that you must NOT have sex before entering into a relationship but is it really the best idea to do something that some of us might value a bit more than others?

Sex is a primal human desire but if you really feel that you care to get to know someone better you should probably be a bit more conscious of your primal desire and put it to the wayside until you feel they are ready for that type of intimacy within the relationship. Some of us desire a sort of intellectual intercourse rather than a physical one. Sex is great and it’s important in a relationship but becoming closer with a potential suitor is more important to me personally.

Remember that sex is everywhere. You can get it at almost any time of any day. You can devalue it all you want or you can let it devalue you. You can have sex prior to a relationship and probably still have a relationship depending on the synchronicity between the parties involved. You can have sex at any age. You can make the decision to be promiscuous or keep sex more sacred.

You can’t meet an amazing person any day. You can’t build trust with a person instantly. You won’t go up to a stranger and give them full disclosure. You won’t meet a potential lover every day. You won’t get to always share those amazing moments with someone you really care about. You won’t always get that person that really wants to know who you are inside and out.

When you do meet that person that wants to ask you questions, learn about you, smile at you, be patient with you, compliment you, give you full disclosure, tell you their secrets but not take your clothes off right away….be happy about it. That’s a very rare diamond in the rough.

-Chris Ryan


Mary Jane Vibrator

When asked, “What is the most important aspect about the Mary Jane Vibrator you want people to enjoy most?”

More than the novelty, to have people literally be blown away by the functionality. I want them to love their toy, long for it when they’re not using it, feel connected to their MJV & miss it.

I want people to look at it and be wowed, let the MJV ignite their imagination, while thoughts run wild from the readiness to explore the possibilities.