Sex sells, Smoking hot

When the world was introduced to the act of smoking, Sex was one major selling point.


You’d find cigs being marketed all the way into the waters of marine biologists & ruff n tumble cowboys alike.

Then there were the handsome, slick haired debonair types that were sure to steal your heart through a few ‘oh shaped’ smoke rings. Alluding, “Come on baby, be sexy with me, let’s smoke.”



Today sex is used to sell anything and everything everywhere & still especially in smoking culture. So much so that we are now attempting to find the relation between many products of Cannabis industry & them having any association with sex what so ever.

It’s a beautiful thang when the sexually inhibited break out of the bonds of sensual mental slavery. Congratulations!

Sex, sexy, sexual, steamy, hot, desire…go ahead, own it!

Although sex has sold many cigarettes….the HIGH is what sells actual Cannabis.

The question has been raised, “With all the bong humping hotties all over the internet, How will Ganja Vibes separate itself from the rest while marketing sex toys in Canna culture?”

How will people know that Ganja Vibes IS IN FACT an adult novelty company which manufactures injection molded toys, some with electronics for your pleasure & having nothing to do with consuming the actual herb itself?

Some people ask, “Can you smoke out of any of the toys?” The answer- NO- UNSANITARY! THE ONLY REASON WE WANT OUR WEED WHITE IS FROM THC!

We understand how the concept of combining sex and weed with regard to novelty products may be confusing at first. This is a brand new niche market we have created. There’s no denying the correlation between the drug and sex cultures. It’s only natural that these two ‘no no spots’ combine to blow your mind. Or at least encourage you to get into the groove of blowing somethin.

Ganja Vibes takes you to your highest highs, with sex toys you can relate to. Love yourself, love each other, love Cannabis!

If you do happen to partake… a phone call or drive to procure your herbs is the usual jump off and the rest, the rest…

Images of Ganja Vibes toys coming soon, products available for purchase by this Holiday season!

*Blaze the bowl*


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Blaze the Bowl!!!

Halloween Pumpkins!

Abra Cadabra!

Females loving females




Mutha Fucka should be honored!

Kids Dig Up Corpse To Make Skull Bong | Geekologie

 “They didn’t try to have sex with it, but they did remove the skull to make a bong.” – 

Seeing as how the creator of this thing we now know as Ganja Vibes is a Texan, it would only be fitting if this was her dead Grandfather’s skull. Hey, one can dream, right?

Kids Dig Up Corpse To Make Skull Bong | Geekologie.

Jessica Simpson should smoke something, put those blinders on and giddy up into the gym.

Before the babies, Jess was a babe…we have faith you’ll overcome this heavy time and get back on the health train.

Believe it or not, Ganja can help…maybe it’s time Jessica, maybe it’s time.