Reporter gets high on the job

25th annual Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012

Documentary filmed and edited by

Dougie McDougle

for @southblessed

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Nat King Cole

The Comedy Roast of Weed




Divinyls- I Touch Myself

Half Baked: Don’t steal!

 Robbing the Weed Lab (1998)

J Cole – Nobody’s perfect

The Official Site of Dave’s Old Porn – Thursday Nights 11pm on Showtime


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The Official Site of Dave’s Old Porn – Thursday Nights 11pm on Showtime.

You’re not ready for my big move…

You Put Your Weed In There – Video

via You Put Your Weed In There – Video.

A bud a day will keep the doctor away, forget apples!

Ditch the apples, a daily dose of Ganja will keep the doctor away!

Patent proven doctor’s say…

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

Dana Kane our new Loooovvveee

MMmmmmmmm m. *like you caught the scent of a freshly bakin apple pie*

One Reviewer of hers:

It was finally here Oct 10. It was a day I  had been waiting for for a very long time. I was extremely nervous.

When my appoint time arrived I knocked on the door and a sweet Texan smile opened the door. She made me feel at ease from the second I saw her.
She took a few minutes to talk to me and put me further at ease. We laughed and I gave her her her birthday present, a paddle. Lord knows what I was thinking.
We moved to the play area and then the fun started.
She pulled me across her knee and gave me a nice warm up OTK with her hand.  We had been talking about doing a short video about a new toy she had from her
friends at Can-iac . I tell you that thing stings like a swarm of bees. lol. after the video she pulled me back across her knee for a wooden spoon. we were having a great time. Then came the Delrin cain.  OMG believe me that the laughing subsided for a few minutes. stroke after stroke landed on my ass. each hit was with deadly precision accuracy when she wasn’t getting the reaction that she wanted she pick a new spot, the thighs. when the first one landed my eyes lit up and I felt a rush wash over me. then the second one and a third forth each one felt like it was on on top of the one right before. I was biting my lip I have never felt so much fire before.
right when I didn’t think  I was going to make it through another stroke, she moved back to my ass and I got to breathe again.
we finished up the night with the giant paddle I made her.  Man she has a great softball swing LOL.   A few hits later we were done.
we laughed, she gave me a great big hug. and we said our goodnights.
I have plans to go see her for my birthday.  The Process is starting all over again.
I have just One thing to say.
Thank you for a great time Dana Kane   I have not had that much fun in a long time.
Is it January yet??
“Late For Dinner” Role Play…

Dana Kane – Disciplinarian.

Smoke ~ Play ~ Eat

Feel me