Bow Chicka Wah-Wah on Vimeo

…bend, bulge, vibrate!
Made in Cinema 4D, After Effects and Audition.
Thanks to my gal Melissa for lending me her lovely voice.

Music: RJD2

Bow Chicka Wah-Wah on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Bow Chicka Wah-Wah on Vimeo.


Published by: Ganja Vibes™

We are Ganja Vibes™! Passion for freedom, sensuality, weed & satisfaction are the brainchild of Ganja Vibes™. In my plight for all these desires, I've designed a masterpiece for the masses to enjoy. This is only the beginning. A beautiful movement for those who love, love to love, be loved and love the lovin! Smoke on, let your mind be free and give in to the earthly pleasures & mania of thine own mind body experience.

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