Get some & get happy!

Life, Love & Sex in Generation Y

I like to call it getting face lol but that’s just because guys get to call it getting head and something about the term “eating out” turns me off. But that is neither here nor there.

Here are some stats to bore you with before I get into the important and saucy details.

  • 50-60% of women will never have an orgasm via intercourse and will require clitoral stimulation to climax.
  • 30% of women will have a reliable orgasm with intercourse.
  • 10% of women will orgasm with intercourse and could possibly have sequential orgasms.
  • 5% of women have true multiple orgasms only through intercourse and these women typically find oral sex uncomfortable.

We are not as lucky as men lol we dont orgasm every time we have sex. Unlike men we dont have the luxury of sliding in and out and we are good. We need all kinds of other stimulation…

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Published by: Ganja Vibes™

We are Ganja Vibes™! Passion for freedom, sensuality, weed & satisfaction are the brainchild of Ganja Vibes™. In my plight for all these desires, I've designed a masterpiece for the masses to enjoy. This is only the beginning. A beautiful movement for those who love, love to love, be loved and love the lovin! Smoke on, let your mind be free and give in to the earthly pleasures & mania of thine own mind body experience.

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