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Life, Love & Sex in Generation Y


There is something that men do that women either don’t understand or they ignore. I like to call it the “Just enough” factor. I had an enlightening moment while talking to a friend of mine about his friend whom I had been dating off and on for around 4 years. He called it that. He told me his friend does just enough. He does the bare minimum to keep me around. Its almost like the theory of “break you down, build you up” that the military employs in order to indoctrinate their soldiers. He disappoints you time and time again and then right when you think you have had enough, you are finished, never going to talk to him again; he does or says something nice. Its nothing major, not a huge act, but it is “just enough.” He spends all of this time being a constant disappointment just to…

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Published by: Ganja Vibes™

We are Ganja Vibes™! Passion for freedom, sensuality, weed & satisfaction are the brainchild of Ganja Vibes™. In my plight for all these desires, I've designed a masterpiece for the masses to enjoy. This is only the beginning. A beautiful movement for those who love, love to love, be loved and love the lovin! Smoke on, let your mind be free and give in to the earthly pleasures & mania of thine own mind body experience.

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